AICET 2016 – All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) 2016

AICET 2016 – All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) 2016

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is WLCI College offering Jury Presentation

Jury Members in Chennai

Yes, WLCI College India hosts Jury Presentation for all graduating Fashion Students!

Recently the WLCI Fashion School Chennai Campus presented their collection on theme colors like Blue, White, Black and Pink. The collection they presented were truly head turning and modish. The students of Fashion School made the most of the occasion and compiled up a collection that the jury and audience appreciated and applauded. 

Chennai Fashion PCL-II students did a thorough research before presenting their collection. The research was done on fabrics they could use, the lines and cuts they would like to implement on the designer clothes and also the various accessories they would like to embellish the garments with. 

After a thorough research each student decided on a theme and then went forward with the same. Some of them chose the blue color of the ocean, some of them had the pristine white as their inspiration and others took the chic-pink as the base color to work with. 

The cuts, the patterns, the lines and the overall treatment of the fabric were very fresh and innovative. Each of them took some object or thought as their inspiration and worked on it. The end result was the collection they presented in front of the audience and the ‘Jurors’ who came from outside. 

Their hard-work and dedication did pay off and they put up a display which was worth showcasing in front of an audience. WLCI Fashion School proudly compliments them and says ‘Kudos’ to the Chennai Fashion PCL-II students for their enterprise and endeavor.

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